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Pokeballoonza's News

Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 5th, 2021


this japanese charizard with original red/blue artwork. really cool. need to find this for my collection!


Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 3rd, 2021

This awesome new Charizard card was just announced for the upcoming Pokemon card set Sword & Shield Brilliant Stars. What do you think?



Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 3rd, 2021

Base set Electrode


I always thought this card was fake when I was a kid because it looks so different from most of the other base set cards. I thought the Jungle Electrode was the real one.

I've had this card in my binder for almost 25 years now.


Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 2nd, 2021

I really like the Fossil Zapdos and Ancient Mew cards




Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 2nd, 2021


Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 1st, 2021

The classic Mew glitch. Along with the 99x item Missingno glitch, this is one I use in every playthrough of Pokemon Blue: https://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~jdonald/pokemon/mewglitch.html

Have you ever used the Mew glitch or other glitches in the game? I finished another playthrough this week for about the millionth time and this time I made a beeline to the Mew glitch, then used Mew as my main for the rest of the game. He got up to level 68 by the time I annihilated the Elite 4 and Gary at the end

Posted by Pokeballoonza - October 29th, 2021


Next page of my Pokemon card binder. Nothin' too crazy on this page, but when I was a kid I really loved that Mr. Mime card for some reason.

Magmar is one of the 7 cards from the original 3 sets that had a variant art, but you'll see him on the next page. Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee were always amusing to me- I figured they were named after Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.


Posted by Pokeballoonza - October 28th, 2021


The next page in my binder.

Cloyster was another one I got on the day of the Fossil set release. I pulled him out of a pack and thought he looked so awesome.

Some other fun bits about this page:

Gastly and Haunter both had base set and fossil set cards, while Electrode had a base and jungle version. There were only 7 cards in the "original sets" (base, jungle, fossil) that had alternate art: Gastly, Gengar, Electrode, Pikachu, Zapdos, Raichu, and Magmar.

I slotted both variant arts of each of those cards in my binder.


Posted by Pokeballoonza - October 27th, 2021


More cards! You can see the previous pages in my older news posts.

A few favorites in here- Poliwrath, Alakazam, Machamp, and Graveler.

I got Graveler the day the fossil set came out in 1999. We were at Seaside Heights for the Italian American/Columbus Day festival, which was a Saturday or Sunday. Tons of street vendors, and many were selling Pokemon cards.

Graveler was one of my favorites for some reason, and he was the first card I ever purchased as a single. Most of the cards I had acquired were either from packs or trades.

Another interesting tidbit- most cards are more rare as 1st editions, but pretty much all Machamps were 1st edition. I don't know why, but if you have a non 1st edition base set Machamp, that is much more rare than the 1st edition holo everyone has.

I'll post more cards soon!

Posted by Pokeballoonza - October 26th, 2021


I upgraded my binder this week to one with 3 rows and 4 columns, as opposed to the 3x3 binders I've been using since I was a kid.

Luckily this page picks up exactly where my last post left off! I put the full 2 page spread up so I can include more cards per post. Nothing too crazy on this page, but Nidoking and Ninetales are 2 of my favorites, and they're both on this page so that's neat.

No variant arts or 1st editions here, just a bunch of normal cards. I'll post more soon :)