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Posted by Pokeballoonza - 11 days ago

Idk why the art portal is suddenly swimming with new pikachu art but that's a trend I can get behind :)

Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 29th, 2021



Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 25th, 2021

Enjoy your turkey :)


Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 22nd, 2021


better than skinny pikachu


Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 20th, 2021


Machoke! This pokemon is so strong it has to wear a belt to regulate its strength. Without it, Machoke would be an unstoppable fighting force- and he's not even the final evolution!

Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 19th, 2021

I used to have a fairly small Pokemon binder- a 1 inch ring binder. At some point I upgraded to a couple small binders, but recently I picked up a huge 3 inch collector's album. It's a fat binder with close to 1,000 cards in it.

What kind of binder(s) do you have for your Pokemon cards?


Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 17th, 2021

I've gotten seriously back into Pokemon card collecting this year. I collect cards featuring different artwork of the original 151 Pokemon- so basically all 151 Pokemon from all of the card sets.

I'm currently working on the below sets- these are the cards I need to complete them! My goal is to have these sets fully finished by the end of next year, but some of these cards are big stretches at this point- several going for more than $50, and a bunch even selling in the hundreds.

Black Star Promos

13- Venusaur

15- Cool Porygon

17- Dark Persian

19- Sabrina's Abra

25- Flying Pikachu

26- Pikachu (Pokemon SNAP)

48- Articuno

49- Snorlax

47- Mew

51- Rapidash

Gym Heroes

1- Blaine's Moltres

4- Erika's Dragonair

6- Lt. Surge's Electabuzz

7- Lt. Surge's Fearow

11- Rocket's Hitmonchan

12- Rocket's Moltres

13- Rocket's Scyther

14- Sabrina's Gengar

20- Brock's Golem

24- Brock's Zubat

26- Erika's Victreebel

28- Lt. Surge's Raichu

31- Misty's Poliwrath

Gym Challenge

1- Blaine's Arcanine

2- Blaine's Charizard

3- Brock's Ninetales

4- Erika's Venusaur

5- Giovanni's Gyarados

6- Giovanni's Machamp

7- Giovanni's Nidoking

8- Giovanni's Persian

9- Koga's Beedrill

10- Koga's Ditto

11- Lt. Surge's Raichu

12- Misty's Golduck

13- Misty's Gyarados

14- Rocket's Mewtwo

16- Sabrina's Alakazam

24- Giovanni's Pinsir


Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 17th, 2021


Today's random Pokemon card is a 20+ year old fake! It's a Kakuna.... or Kokun?

My wife has a bunch of these in her collection, so this picture is directly from one of our binders.

These cards are like 10-20% smaller than normal Pokemon cards. They have Japanese backings, but the colors and layouts for all of the cards are awful. Some use multiple font types and sizes, which makes them even more bizarre to look at. They're riddled with spelling errors and they have ridiculous attacks like "BECOME HARD." Right....

Here is the description for "Become Hard" with no adjustments to spelling or grammar:

Toss - up the coin. If the coin is head. In the next time when the rival player offack. The damage will become "0".

And that bottom box?

If become aduit body for a time while. If almont not move.

I have no idea what this even says!?? This junk feels like it was written by a non-English speaking 8 year old.... Some of the other cards have attacks like "Freeze Beam" and "Flame." Just... weird.

Do you have any fakes in your collection? If you ever got fake Pokemon cards, would you keep them for fun or throw them out? (Please don't tell me you'd try to scam someone with them!)


Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 10th, 2021




Posted by Pokeballoonza - November 7th, 2021